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The changemaking model

The Changemaking Process Model identifies the overall systemic approach that the firm takes in guiding client organizations through change processes.  At each stage of the overall process, each stage being a sub-process itself, Changemaking Systems provides help to the client as needed in the form of:

  • Research and Analyses, using focus groups, interviews, and surveys.
  • Design, Planning, and Teaching, drawing upon conceptual and practical discoveries from the study of human behavior and learning, systems theory, strategic thinking, and organizational development.
  • Coaching, Problem Solving, and Facilitation, working directly with lead individuals, work teams, and cross-functional design groups to help them plan and implement change processes, including their own behavior and thought.

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Action Learning - Learn by doing and accomplish strategic tasks for your organization.

Executive Coaching - The finest athletes, in fact all serious minded individuals have sought and benefited from personal coaching.

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