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A major part of John Johnson's work with clients comes in the form of coaching, either individual executives or managers or teams of them or both.

John's coaching focuses on whatever the development needs of the client might be, often times with technically competent and productive individuals who are relationship-challenged or are lacking finesse in handling people problems. Or he works with individuals who relate well to others, but who find it more difficult to be accountable for delivering projects on time and on budget and difficult to organize themselves and others well around specific work tasks.

There is one dimension in which John is seen as a rare coaching resource, and that is his coaching in the area of strategy.

He is called upon to work with individual leaders to help them develop their skills in strategic thinking. He does not bring in a planning package that the leader can just plug in and use by rote. He helps that leader understand the dimensions of strategy, what it means to search for the right strategic questions, and how to put together an approach to strategic thinking, planning, and management that makes sense for the specific organization.

Even when John works with a management team to facilitate strategic planning, he really is coaching the team on how to think about and execute their strategic choices. And he is helping them have a good discussion on their most important subjects. He is experienced enough with the general subject of strategy that he recognizes what the group is avoiding

or ignoring, either because they don't know it's important or because it is too controversial or too difficult. Then he challenges them on the subjects that have been left out of the discussion, and he challenges them on their decisions, so that they can more readily stand behind those decisions.

He teaches leaders to become more strategic, to be able to prepare a strategic vision and framework for the organization, and to put together a strategic planning process that makes sense for them at this point in time.

John is a coach for leaders on strategy, not simply a facilitator of planning. The result is that the organization's strategic capacity is increased, not just another cycle of planning completed.

He is a general development coach, who brings the client some unusual depth in learning about strategy and becoming more strategic.

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