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I am John Johnson, and I founded Changemaking Systems in 1982.  I am the owner and principal consultant of the firm.  I work with a dozen consulting partners and professional associates on a contract basis, but I oversee each project of Changemaking Systems.  I have working alliances with several firms that complement my scope of work such as customer and employee research services, work flow mapping and analysis, marketing consultation, and financial management.  As changing client needs dictate, I draw on the services of these alliances, which is essential for my total solutions, strategic partnership approach to business.

My own professional background is diverse.  I have worked as a consultant to businesses, a general manager, a community organizer, counselor, the vice president of a 120-member professional firm, an administrator, educator, writer, small business owner, and a minister.

My formal learning has come through Gustavus Adolphus College, Northwestern Lutheran Theological Seminary, the Preparing Educational Trainers and Consultants study and laboratory series at the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory and the University of Michigan School of Social Research, as well as many days of workshops, seminars, labs, practicums, and tutorials on the various dimensions of organizational, personal and management development, including those of the National Training Laboratory. 

I worked for many years with Dr. Richard E. Byrd, one of the pioneers in the behavioral sciences as applied to organizations.  Charles Darwin, Kurt Lewin, Ron and Gordon Lippitt, Saul Alinsky, Peter Senge, Peter Block, David Cooperider, Ben Tregoe, Kenichi Ohmae, Michael Porter, and Tom Friedman have all had great impact on how I see the world and my work.

My own sense of mission keeps growing.  Right now a new area of mission is emerging, and that is to work with others in trying to impact the lives of young people who see no hope in the future and have little constructive engagement in life.  Since terrorism and other destruction comes from such places, the lack of hope and engagement must be addressed.  Fun for me comes from being actively engaged with others in doing meaningful work.  And fun also is cooking, hiking, lunch conversation with a friend, art, theater, my off-and-on golf, and experiencing the ever-changing lives of my family.

My wife's name is Joyce.  She laughs a lot, reads a lot, and travels a lot.  I have a son, Tim, in Denver, who used to sell telecom equipment and access.  He and his wife Julie now own a yoga studio.  My son Kirk, lives in a maple forest in southern Minnesota.  He takes care of people's animals, makes walking sticks and canes, works with stained glass, and does editing over the internet.  Daughter Molly lives near Minneapolis and does marketing and community organizing for a health care system.  All three are very kind and positive, and they are very interesting people.  I am very thankful.

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