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How to get started

If you want someone to help you lead your organization through the steps of strategic thinking and planning, contact us.

If you want to better understand which strategic questions are most important for your group this year, contact us.

If you want to put together a special planning process that really fits your situation, contact us.

If a Board, investors, bosses, or employees are telling you that you are not strategic enough, contact us.

We will help you reflect on the current strategic focus of your organization and on the options for what it maybe should be.

We will help you think through how to initiate needed changes in order to implement a shift in strategy without unintentionally blowing up the organization.

If you are troubled by what is happening among people in your organization, it might be worth your time to give us a call.

If you wish for a modification in the culture of your organization so that you can better accomplish the challenges that are emerging as your agenda for the next few years, give us a call.

It is easy to find out if Changemaking Systems is the right fit for you and could be helpful to you.

We will talk in person to assess the need and opportunity and explore a possible fit.

We will produce a brief proposal for start-up work that will allow us to test out whether there is a good fit.

We will evaluate the mutual value of the start-up work and go from there.

If there is mutual value and interest, we will continue to build a working partnership.


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Action Learning - Learn by doing and accomplish strategic tasks for your organization.

Executive Coaching - The finest athletes, in fact all serious minded individuals have sought and benefited from personal coaching.

Strategic Planning - View the Changemaking model for addressing the overall strategies for organizations
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Organization Change and Development - View the fundamentals of organizational change
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How to Get Started - How to get working with us

Library of Strategy - A library of strategy articles for individual continuing education.

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