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As a professional firm we have had the opportunity over the years since Changemaking Systems was founded in 1982 to gradually gravitate to client niches that seem most natural and easy for us.  Over time we have listened to our clients and to what they have repeatedly asked us to do for them.  We have paid attention to which clients ask for help and what those clients seem to have in common.

Here is what we have learned as to who we serve well and who seeks us out:

1.  Divisions of Large Corporations

A division of a large manufacturing, technology, marketing, or utility company, that must adapt its plans and practices to a shift in direction set at the corporate level, or to the reality of no clear direction being set at the corporate level, or to a merger, or to business environment changes...all of which force new strategic positioning.

Examples: Divisions of 3M, Honeywell, Control data, Cray Research, Pillsbury, United Defense, National Computer Systems, Dresser, and Northern States Power Company.

2.  Professional Practice Firms

A professional practice, such as engineering, medicine, law, or management consultation, that wants to work smarter rather than harder and wants to increase market share, while perhaps struggling with the issues of turning over ownership to the next generation of professionals.

Examples:  Barr Engineering, Public Strategies Group, Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement, Dean Solutions, and several medical clinics.

3.  Small and Mid-Size Businesses

A venture firm or small/mid-size business that has built some momentum and must make some choices, including how to get organized so that it can actually deliver on what it has sold and also continue to grow.

Examples:  B-Swing, National Checking Company, Kinesis Medical, Safelite Autoglass, and Washington Scientific Industries.

4.  Health Care Systems

A large, integrated health care delivery system, that must decide what it does best, how to compensate for diminishing government reimbursement, how to meet the increasing demands of consumers, how to compete better in the market place, and whether or not this requires a merger with other health care organizations.

Examples:  Avera Health in South Dakota, Methodist Medical Center in Illinois, HealthEast in Minnesota, and Centra Care in Minnesota.

5.  Social Service Agencies and Learning Institutions

An aggressive community service agency or an entrepreneurial school that wants to create and implement a vision for the future that will enable it to serve creatively and thrive as a community contributor with a vital mission.

Examples:  Dunwoody College of Technology, Totino Grace High School, Health Start, Temple Israel, National Council of the YMCA, Johnson Institute Foundation, St. Paul Festival and Heritage Foundation, Lutheran Church in America, and Camp Heartland.

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