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Strategic planning and organizational change and development

Changemaking Systems has two service domains:

1. Strategic planning

2. Organization change and development

We are in the business of guiding client organizations through the processes of intentional change.  We guide client organizations in determining what success will be for them, and then in their journey of growth and change toward achieving that success.

This means that we help organizations envision the chosen future, strategically position themselves for success, plan and implement actions, uphold a discipline as an organization in executing the plans, and learn about what makes them successful in route.

One client says, "What John Johnson gives us is a picture of what our real choices are.  He guides us in using our own wisdom and courage to make the choices.  And then he sticks around to help us begin to make the choices happen.  He seems just as committed to actually making things happen as we are."

We tend to fill the following service roles most often as means for guiding the client through the processes of intentional change:

1.  Process facilitator

2.  Executive coach

3.  Partner in thought

4.  Provider of tools, models, and techniques

5.  Counsel in setting strategy

6.  Counsel in how people and their organizations learn and change

7.  Counsel in organization design and systems

8.  Counsel in leadership and management


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Action Learning - Learn by doing and accomplish strategic tasks for your organization.

Executive Coaching - The finest athletes, in fact all serious minded individuals have sought and benefited from personal coaching.

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