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Strategic Thinking


  • Seeing
  • Understanding
  • Reconfiguring
  • Focusing


  • Realistic, candid analysis of what is NOW, without denial or avoidance.  Strengths...weaknesses...current rules of the game.
  • Us / Me?  The customer?  The competition?
  • Special attention to the context, outside-the-box, outside of the rules of the game.  Draw analogies.
  • Anticipate the FUTURE, probabilities, developments, implications of the now.


  • Reflect, make meaning. What are the advantages?  The vulnerabilities?


  • Repattern within and out-of-the-box, like turning a kaleidoscope.  Being imaginative and elastic with the mind.  Break the rules of the game, the assumptions.
  • How might I leverage my advantages?  How might I neutralize my vulnerabilities?


  • Focus in on key targets of importance, key leverage points.  These are strategic targets...and you now have something at which to send your "surgical strikes."

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