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Changemaking Systems is absorbed in achieving results...results for the client...results that mean success for the client system. 

We focus on the business and mission challenges of the client.  We celebrate when the client succeeds.  We ourselves are the epitome of the kind of business that is "driven by providing total solutions within a value discipline of customer intimacy."  That means that we add value the best when we are in a partnership relationship with the client over time. 

We are the kind of consulting firm that does many things for a few clients rather than a few things for many clients.  We most often serve as the retained organizational and strategic counsel to the client system.  We are invited often to develop internal consultants, i.e., coach professionals within the organization to become more effective consultants.  This is especially true in service organizations and professional firms. 

By emphasizing both strategic planning and organization change, Changemaking Systems is taking on a broad spectrum of services in order to help the client succeed.  We do so purposefully. 

We emphasize both business planning and organization development, both business issues and people issues, both task and relationship, both linear thought and intuitive, both business performance and human engagement.  Addressing both makes us quite unique among organizational consulting firms, at least small ones. 

Consulting firms are usually oriented to either psychology, human development, and behavior OR to business performance, templates, and competitive advantage.  We are oriented to both

We are focused on results, both for the business or organization and for its people.  We bring both as value to add to the client systems with which we work.

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Action Learning - Learn by doing and accomplish strategic tasks for your organization.

Executive Coaching - The finest athletes, in fact all serious minded individuals have sought and benefited from personal coaching.

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